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We're eCommerce Ideas.
Email Marketing + Brand Specialists

We help eCommerce brands whip up
an extra $25,000-$195,000+ in sales
in just 6 weeks or less, without paid ads.

What's our big secret?

Recovering lost revenue from your email list by sending totally-amazing-emails + SMS that win over your loyal fans.

(no sleazy sales involved)

eCommerce brands can make an extra 6-7 figures, with next to no extra work



Getting the most amazing-please-take-my-money emails into your subscribers' inboxes.

eCommerce is hard. If it's not iOS14 or rising FB CPA's, it's hit and miss influencer marketing campaigns. You're in a profit-reducing cycle. The only way to grow is to increase ad spend, right? Wrong.

Email Marketing and SMS costs pennies, compared with paid cold ads. Driving revenue from your existing fans? Well it's damned-near free.

What if we told you that you were sat on an insane sum of untapped revenue? 

The truth is, you've not tapped into this pool of revenue because you can't. It's because right now, you're wrangling with all the other 101 challenges of running an eCom brand.

We get it.

But don't sleep on it the biggest ROI you'll get on any platform.

Like we said, it's next to no extra work.

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Happy Campers.

“Before we used these guys, we were doing around 5% a month in revenue from email.

It's been 5 months now and we're consistently hitting 35% of our revenue from email which is incredible. I should've done this sooner."

—  Aimee

eCommerce Founder

How's this work?

The real good news is that we offer free email audits to everyone. We'll dig around in your existing email marketing efforts so far and find the gems.

You can take away your audit and do as you please! 

But if you really want to get-going with recovering all your lost revenue, we do a 12 week getting-to-know-us kinda deal for new clients.

12 weeks is enough time for us to tackle your immediate email marketing gaps, set up some amazing automations and uncover some of that hidden revenue.

It's also enough time for you to figure out if we're the perfect match.

So, if you're not sure if you've got an extra 6 figures hidden under your mattress, book in an audit and find out!

Image by Jen P.

No long-ass contracts. No insanely high consulting fees.

Image by Arnel Hasanovic
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Email is our Ikigai

The Japanese use the term Ikigai to refer to something that is the perfect combination of passion and mission.

At eCommerce Ideas, we found our Ikigai. Our passion and our mission is email marketing. That's why we offer one service. Nothing else.


Who, when and where. We help you tap into email, without spamming your customers.

Because of this, our special sauce strategies drive more revenue than almost any other multi-marketing agency could. We're experts.


We're the full package (marriage material really). 

Strategy is important, but really-good-looking emails are also kinda essential too.

Design + funnels + customer journeys + launches + big promos = 6 figures of rev and a ton more profit.

So, fancy figuring it out?

Image by Ella Jardim
Our calls aren't sales-y at all. We're just not cut like that. 
We'll book in a get to know eachother call and work out if you're a good fit for an extra 6-7 figures a year. 
If not, all you got was a great chat and an insight into the amazing world of email!

Some of our clients

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Creating Email & Shopfiy Magic.

It's what we do.

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